Ireland – Key Statistics, Telecom Market and Regulatory Insights

Ireland’s telecom market for long suffered from poor broadband uptake, underinvestment and mismanagement among some of the key operators. Eircom perhaps suffered most from the financial crisis which hit the country in 2008 and continues to reverberate. The financial difficulties of customers repressed company revenue and curtailed investment plans. On a larger scale, the government’s indebtedness obliged it to rein in investment in infrastructure. Telecom sector revenue fell 2.7% in 2012, affecting the ability of telcos to invest across the board. Sector revenue only showed some recovery in 2014. Yet given the country’s economic woes, and the reluctance of consumers to spend on other than essential services, the sector will be restrained for the next few years at least. This report provides statistics and analysis on the key sectors of the Irish telecom market, presenting an overview of the regulatory environment, fixed network operators and services, and telecom infrastructure.

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