Case Study: Athy GAA Club’s Experience with APWireless

“Athy GAA Club worked on two deals with APWireless. Our agreement allowed us to invest in a new pitch and floodlights for our existing pitch. Both deals have been incredibly valuable to our local club and teams. The timing was good for us to gain a lump-sum of money since we were considering investing heavily in new assets.

Our main objective during the initial stage was to fully understand our options and to decide which of these would be the most beneficial to the club and its members in the long run. Our priority regarding the club has always been to keep the teams active, have the best facilities possible and invest in continuous improvement for our members to avail of.

Our decision as a club was to ensure that we invested the capital into the infrastructure of the club, rather than treating the money as part of our day-to-day revenue stream. We could have approached the lease with the view of getting money in yearly instalments, but we are glad we didn’t. In our opinion, there is a massive difference between using this money for your commonplace running of the club and building your asset base. We saw great opportunities for us to use the resources gained by re-investing it into the club.

Having the upfront capital allowed for us to proceed with our plans and make a much-needed, smart investment choice that instantly benefited our members when complete. We were grateful to not have to take out a loan for such a large project. If we had opted to not work with APWireless, we would have had to face uncertainties about rent decreases, terminations etc..

This made our decision nice and easy, since we were already aware that the rent contracts are not always secure when dealing direct with mobile operators. Things can change in the blink of an eye! If you are in a similar position and are considering whether or not to work with APWireless, we would recommend listening to their expert advice and weighing up your options that will best suit the goals you have in mind for the future of your club.”

– Marty Mc Evoy: Athy GAA Club, Co. Kildare