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For many property owners, the telecoms industry appears to have its own vocabulary – here are a few key terms you should be familiar with:

Mobile Phone Mast

A location where a telecoms operator has installed antennas and/or communications equipment to operate their wireless network.

Lease Agreement

The contract between a telecoms operator or tower company and the property owner detailing the financial and operational terms and conditions under which a mast site can be operated.

Site Share rent

Rent paid to the property owner by additional telecoms operators to place their antennas and/or communications equipment on a phone mast site owned by another operator or tower company, as per their existing lease agreement.


The terms of the lease agreement that specify when and how much the mast site rent paid by the telecoms operator will increase, typically defined to be in line with RPI increases or to Market Value at fixed intervals.

Telecoms Operator

Term used to represent the Mobile phone company. Telecoms operators typically build mast sites and/or rooftop installations. In addition, they enter into lease agreements with property owners as a tenant when sites are built on land they do not own.

Termination / Decommission

Termination is a term used when a lease agreement is ended prematurely. With a termination the telecoms equipment may remain intact or it may be removed from a property when an operator no longer needs the particular mobile phone mast or rooftop installation. If the equipment is removed it is known as a decommission, this results in the landlord losing the rental income.


Where two or more telecoms operators use the same mast site under the same lease agreement. In some cases this may involve both operators using the same set of telecoms antennae and dishes. In other cases, both telecoms operators may keep their own independent sets of antennae but it would all be included under one lease agreement, with just one of the operators.

Rent Review / License Fee Review

A clause in a lease/license agreement that allows for the rent to be reviewed at set intervals. The clause will usually specify the basis on which the mobile phone mast rent is to be reviewed.

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