Marty McEvoy | Athy GAA Club

Athy GAA Club worked on two deals with APWireless which led to us being able to reinvest capital into the club facilities by purchasing a new pitch and floodlights. We found it helpful that Eddie clearly comes from a GAA background and had great awareness of what would be of benefit to a club such as ours. Throughout our dealings, we felt as though he had our best interest at heart and understood our future plans for the club. In short, we felt Eddie could relate to us. Having the upfront capital allowed for us to proceed with our plans and make a much-needed, smart investment choice that instantly benefited our members when complete. We were grateful to not have to take out a loan for such a large project. If we had opted to not work with APWireless, we would have had to face uncertainties about rent decreases, terminations etc.. This made our decision nice and easy, since we were already aware that the rent contracts are not always secure when dealing direct with mobile operators. Things can change in the blink of an eye! If you are in a similar position and are considering whether or not to work with APWireless, we would recommend listening to their expert advice and weighing up your options that will best suit the goals you have in mind for the future of your club.

Marty McEvoy, Athy GAA Club, Co. Kildare

REA O’Brien Collins Drogheda

From Day One right through to closing of transaction, my dealings with Ronan and APWireless Ireland were professional, courteous, full of integrity and there was ongoing open communication which greatly assisted the entire transaction process.

Gabriel O’Brien BSc MRICS ASCS MIAVI, Director

Ruth Likely | Terenure Sports Club

Terenure Sports Club had an excellent experience working with APWireless. They worked with us to determine a deal that met all our requirements. The funds raised will go a long way to secure the financial future of the club.


Michael Doyle, Chairman | Rapparees Starlights GAA Club

From the time that I was contacted as a representative of Rapparees – Starlights GAA Club by APWireless I found them to be thoroughly professional and also friendly in all of our dealings. The lump sum which we received will enable the club to provide improved facilities for the members this year. From my experience I would have no hesitation in recommending APWireless to any other potential clients.

Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

Pádraig Ó Gríofa | Metalman Engineering

My initial reaction was a definitive no but as time went on, I realised that by taking the generous offer (of essentially my future rent beyond my mortality expectancy), this would allow me to me to improve my property and bring in extra rents beyond what I was collecting from the mast and leave me with cash in the bank. The transaction once agreed was relatively quick and painless. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ronan and his team at APWireless.


Denise Cusack, Managing Director | The Knightsbrook Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort

Ronan contacted our GM Patrick Curran with regards the Vodafone installation on the roof of our hotel. Capitalising the telecoms rent was not an area we had ever considered. We had similar approaches previously and figures floated as to the capital value but given it’s not our core competency, we never knew if the offers represented value, so didn’t proceed. APWireless were different however, they made sure we understood the market firstly, without applying pressure to sell. We had very productive conference calls with APW to address our concerns and queries and realized our rent was below market value. APW provided a clear context around how the site is valued and why their deals benefit telecom landlords. I previously looked at telecoms rent in the same way as fixed income earned from our hotel rooms, but realise it is very different; we have little control over the future of the telecoms income or the rent they pay and to a large extent are at the mercy of the mobile operators. Once we saw the benefit of deploying APW’s capital in our hotel business, the benefits to our core revenue would far outweigh the rental.
APW helped us make the licenses investable which gave us huge confidence in the way they do business; so much so that we introduced the deal to our sister property, The Newgrange Hotel, who simultaneously did a deal with APWireless also. Ronan met us face to face and also worked with our tax and business advisors O ‘Doherty Gahan Consultants to ensure the benefits were maximized for us. The hotel sector is uber competitive; between VAT rates, challenges of Brexit and our own desire to constantly look forward and meet the needs of our customers, ongoing investment is key. APWireless model has been a success for us and I would say comes highly recommended to all telecom landlords.

Trim, Co. Meath

Fred Rainert, General Manager | Johnnie Fox’s Pub

I was initially approached by telephone in relation to telecoms masts we already had on-site (originally two). I was dubious about the proposed project initially as we are suspicious folk by nature in the licensed trade. It was not the first time we had been approached and had offers made to buy the rental income, but, this time was different. The agent for APWireless was clear, informative, persistent in follow up without being irritating and helpful at every turn. I felt confident in presenting the proposal from APWireless to my company Director and from that moment on every aspect of the project was looked after by APWireless, every question answered clearly and without misleading jargon; in fact, every step of the way was handheld with patience. I was the go-between for my employer with APWireless for what was the sale of three masts by the end of the transaction (APWireless even assisted us in getting a third operator on site which they allowed us to also fully capitalise and receive the full value for!) This added further capital we were not expecting. As such, I have no hesitation in putting my name to a testimonial as they were possibly the most courteous company to work with and also offered the most favourable terms and best legal contract by far at the end of the day. They clearly tailored their offer to our particular circumstances and we can see why so many other landlords in our industry are doing deals with them also. The deal represented exceptional value.

Glencullen, Co. Dublin

Owen Kelly | Breaffy House Resort

Our discussions with APWireless started from a position where we did not need to capitalise our telecoms income, nor were we interested in doing so. Our business has grown and diversified successfully by itself, targeting various different areas that have placed us in a very good position. In 2018 for example, we were awarded the ‘Best Family Friendly Hotel’ nationally whilst also further developing our relationship with brands such as the IRFU & the GAA via our first class training facilities which include a 30,000 sq. foot multi-purpose indoor sports arena on site. Equally however, we are business people and understand the value of investment; as our GM, CFO and I engaged with Ronan, we realised that telecoms is not our core business. The telecoms market was relatively unknown to us and the level of capital being discussed frankly exceeded any expectations we may have had as to the potential value of the rental income. This sparked internal discussions about what we could do with the APW money to further drive ‘Destination Breaffy’ and enhance our property for the public’s experience. There was never any pressure to transact and all interactions were productive and uber professional. We believe we have a good telecoms site; our fear was not that it would be removed albeit we accept that risk is present with these assets. Our motivations to do the deal were solely focused on the fact that capital can always be turned into something more and it quickly became clear that we could outperform the telecoms rent. Ultimately, APWireless made an offer too good to refuse under a structure that worked for us so why then retain any unnecessary risk at all? I would fully recommend anyone looking to make the most of their telecoms site to speak with Ronan and APWireless.

Castelbar, Co. Mayo

Declan Cloonan | The Yacht Bar

APWireless approached me with a view to acquiring my telecom lease rent, but at the time I considered the rent useful for paying bills. Eddie explained the benefits of me using an upfront payment rather than keeping an unsecured rent that is not guaranteed. APWireless structured a transaction to my specific requirements, which involved me receiving an upfront payment plus keeping a portion of the annual rent. The upfront money was used to pay off my mortgage and carry out improvement works on the pub. It was a hugely beneficial transaction as it meant I no longer had any mortgage repayments to make. We completed the transaction in August 2016, however in April 2019, O2/Three Ireland terminated their lease and built a replacement tower on an adjoining property. For APWireless the telecoms income has been lost, but for me I still have the benefit of their upfront payment. At the time I didn’t appreciate how the mobile operators constantly change their plans and move locations. In hindsight, I wish I had sold my entire rental income to APWireless and not just a portion of it. I would highly recommend all telecom landlords to work with APWireless and explore the range of options and benefits on offer. For me it was a fantastic experience and a very rewarding deal overall.

Loughshinny, Co. Dublin

Vivian Nathan, Partner | Roberts Nathan Business Advisors & Accountants

As a firm of accountants and tax advisers, we were conscious that telecoms is not an area we specialise in. On exploring the options with APWireless, we quickly realised that we would be better off using the equity elsewhere, rather than leaving it tied up in an unsecured lease. For us, it made perfect sense to replace an uncertain telecoms rental stream with something tangible. In our minds partnering with APWireless was the best way to ‘future proof’ the asset. Whether the telecom site stays or goes, secure capital today is far more beneficial that prospective income. APWireless were thorough and extremely professional to deal with.

The Waterfront Business Centre, Lapp’s Quay, Cork City

Bakers Pub

The sale of a leasehold interest to APWireless enabled me to free up a considerable amount of cash, to fund renovation of a number of apartments. The proceeds were significantly more than I had budgeted. I feel the sale has little or no impact on the capital value of the overall building. Given the fast pace of technological change and consolidation within the telco industry, I was happy to “de risk” my exposure by selling the future income stream. I found APWireless very flexible and accommodative regarding my needs as a property owner and am looking forward to doing further transactions with Eddie and APWireless.

Dublin 8

Private Landlord

I found APWireless to be most professional in structuring the deal to accommodate the sellers circumstances and then following through to completion in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend APWireless as suitable partners to any potential deal.

Co. Waterford

Joanne Somers, CFO | Celtic Linen

Initially we were a little hesitant to sell what was a good fringe benefit to our business. The telecoms rent however was lost in the day to day running of the business. We were made an offer by Ronan and our internal discussions were about the benefits of using the APWireless’ up front capital , converting the rent into capital to reinvest into the business. APWireless were professional in their approach and their analysis was informative. It has been a good deal for us overall and I could not recommend Ronan and the team highly enough. They had solutions to the concerns we raised and we found them good to do business with.

Drinagh, Co. Wexford

Aiden McIntyre

Working with Ronan was a great experience. I was initially unsure to sell, but every concern that was holding me back was addressed. At all times I was informed as to what was happening and it made the process seamless. Of importance to me was his willingness to work with me in structuring the deal to my requirements. Ronan was always accurate with the information he provided and always did what he said he would do in a timely manner. The service was personalised and this gave me security and confidence throughout. My accountant advised the transaction to be a ‘no- brainer’ as I was securing capital in the here and now which allowed me to reinvest in assets that I have full control over. Understanding the telecoms market more so now, I am very happy I made the right decision. I would highly recommend dealing with Ronan and APWireless. Both were very professional and friendly in my dealings with them.

Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Michael Murphy

I’m very happy in dealings with APWireless, they were very professional and helpful in addressing all my fears and queries. The lump sum payment allowed me use the money as best suited me and I would be happy to recommend APWireless to anyone looking to cash in on a Telecoms long term lease.

Gorey, Co. Wexford

Tadhg Kennedy | The Estoria Hotel

Having been contacted by Kevin Flaherty in APWireless, I found that I was sitting on a large chunk of equity, that could potentially disappear with six months’ notice, due to the Threat of Consolidations etc within the Telecoms Industry. I decided to cash out my Telecoms Lease, and put the APWireless Lease Premium to better use to upgrade our Business, with the result that my business has been given a whole new lease of life. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone with a Phone Mast to contact APWireless to carry a full appraisal on their Telecoms Lease.

Bagnalstown, Co. Carlow

AV Smith | Manders Coatings and Inks Ireland Limited

I would like to thank APWireless and their representative Kevin Flaherty for such a professional service. The whole process went rather smoothly and completed within the agreed timeframe. Kevin was always available to answer any questions or related matters. By completing this transaction, it has meant that Capital was deployed to better use within the Business.

Ashtown, Dublin 15

Hubert O’Donoghue | The Alverno House Hotel

The first time Kevin Flahety visited us to explain the APWireless concept turning the Telecoms Leases into something better, our seaside hotel was primarily a seasonal business. Since we sold the Telecommunication sites to APWireless, we have used the funds to totally upgrade our Hotel Accomodation, and we are now at 100% occupancy levels all year around. We are thrilled to have been afforded the opportunity to convert the unsecured Telecoms Leases, into a Solid Risk Free Investment, that has appreciated considerably in the past year. Thank you to Kevin for his assistance throughout the process, he even visited us late in the evenings and on Saturdays to bring this deal to conclusion.

Laytown, Co. Meath

Terence Murphy | Cobh Golf Club

APWireless purchased the lease over the Telecoms site on the Golf Course. This enabled us to commence an enhancement program of our clubhouse. The transaction was completed in the agreed timeframe. We would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin Flaherty and APWireless.

Cobh, Co Cork

Diane Richmond | Partas Group

Working with Kevin Flaherty, APWireless, proved to be very beneficial to Partas. Kevin was a pleasure to deal with, and was always at hand to address any issues arising during our project. The entire process was well managed on their part, and we concluded our project in a seamless manner. Hope to work with APWireless again in the future.

Dublin 24

Howth Golf Club

The transaction we made with APWireless in regard to our telecom masts was very efficient and in general a well-managed process. As a result of the business we conducted with APWireless the club has invested in its future with some capital projects launched. The club found Eddie Joyce very helpful and strait forward to deal with during the whole process.

Dublin 13

Headford Road

I just wanted to send you a quick email separate from the last one to pay compliment to Eddie Joyce. Throughout my dealings with him, I’ve found him to be most professional, courteous and very easy and fair to deal with. He’s a good guy.

Galway City , Co. Galway

Michael Burke | Banner Catering Limited

It was a pleasure to work with Kevin. He explained everything in detail and the money was sent to our account when he said it would be.

Co. Clare

Michael Connolly

I had agreed to sell my telecoms mast site to APWireless for an upfront payment. Eddie explained that APWireless take on all decommissioning risks from the day the transaction completes. However unfortunately for me and much to my surprise, a week before the transaction was due to complete I received a termination notice from the mobile operator. This meant the value of my telecoms mast site dropped from being worth a six figure sum, down to being worth virtually nothing. I wish I had completed my transaction with APWireless sooner as they would have suffered the loss and I would have money in the bank. It’s only now I appreciate the full extent of what APWireless were offering.

Glasnevin, Dublin 9

James Tallon

I completed a deal with APWireless in 2015 and am delighted with my decision. Their team was professional and efficient throughout the entire process, offering me guidance and help when needed. I highly recommend them!

Kells, Co. Meath

Darren Pither | Grays Inn Estates Limited

We completed a transaction with APWireless in December 2015 and found them to be extremely professional and efficient. Shortly after we completed our deal, the operator unexpectedly decided not to renew their lease and advised that they intend to vacate the telecoms site. It is unfortunate that APWireless have lost this particular rent but we believe that is why they are investing on such a large scale in order to offset against these kind of losses. Naturally we are glad that we sold the rent when we did as it is apparent that these telecommunication sites are risky and uncertain assets.

Alex Burns | Rathfarnham Golf Club

APWireless approached Rathfarnham Golf Club expressing an interest in the telecommunications masts located on our lands. We found APWireless to be professional and responsive during the negotiations and the transaction was successfully completed in a timely manner.

Newton, Dublin 16

Margaret O Brien

Dear Mr. Flaherty,
The leasehold purchase of the telephone mast has now completed. This is just a short note to express my thanks to you and your colleague John Maher for the efficient and professional manner in which you attended to our business. I was very happy with the support I received especially in terms of sorting out any documentation required and with the timely fashion John attended to all my requests.
I wish you all every success and would be very happy to deal with your company APWireless if the opportunity arises in the future.

Newport, Co. Tipperary

Kevin Kilrane

I found APWireless to be professional in their approach. I agreed terms with Eddie and the transaction was processed quickly and efficiently. Seven weeks later the deal was fully completed. I highly recommend APWireless and would encourage other telecom landlords to explore the benefits they bring.

Mohill, Co. Leitrim

Richard Reid

Previously, I had two offers on my mast site which did not stir my interest at all. Then Eddie Joyce of APWireless contacted me and proposed a much more realistic offer. Key factors for cutting a deal was their efficient business-like and courteous approach. As soon as the papers were signed, the monies were transferred to my bank. I always hesitate to refer people or companies, but a chat with these guys is certainly worth a phone call.

Co. Meath

Camillus Glover | Portmarnock Sports and Leisure Club

The PSLC were delighted with both the process and the outcome of our dealings with APWireless. The value offered was the best in the market and the legal process was both swift and transparent allowing the club officers to be very comfortable with the agreement. We would highly recommend APWireless to any other club looking at this source of finance.

Portmarnock, Co. Dublin

Denis Casey | Coolmine Rugby Football Club

Coolmine Rugby Club’s transaction with APWireless has been of great benefit to the club. Throughout the entire process we found APWireless personnel to be professional and reliable. Eddie approached the club and was fully committed to the deal from the very start, which gave us great comfort. We have no hesitation recommending APWireless and the benefits they can bring to telecom landlords.

Castleknock, Dublin 15

Adrian Hilliard | Hilliard’s of Killarney Ltd.

Kevin, Thank you for your recent business transaction with us regarding the mast on our site. We regret any long delays that our solicitor took. But in your department, John was able to assist me on all matters which arose and always acted in a professional manner which was of great help.

Killarney, Co. Kerry

Maggie Newell | Newell Roofing Products Ltd.

APWireless approached us as they had an interest in our site where we have a mast located. They made us a nice offer which we accepted. They promised us that the contract would be drawn up and the money handed over in about four weeks. We didn’t think it possible but it sure was!! It was a pleasure dealing with Kevin at APWireless’s Galway office. The whole process went smoothly from start to finish. Couldn’t recommend APWireless highly enough.

Carnmore, Galway

Pastor Sharon Perry | Abundant Grace Christian Assembly

In the midst of a major renovation project at our church premises which was going over our budget, we had a timely encounter with APWireless. They realized the urgency of getting our capital released and worked with us and the legal teams to get the funds released quickly, enabling our building programme to stay on track. Many thanks to all at APWireless.

Ringsend, Dublin 4

Eddie Lonergan | Greystones Rugby Club

We found APWireless professional, helpful and efficient in bringing our transaction to a successful conclusion. We would highly recommend them to future clients.

Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Martin & Celine Chamberlaine | Marketing Partners

This note is to thank all at APWireless for the much appreciated courtesy and assistance in bringing our site at Marketing Partners, Dublin to a successful conclusion. We wish them well and highly recommend them to others.

Ballybrack, Co. Dublin

Leon Ledger | Thomond RFC

Our APWireless representative was very professional and straightforward and the transaction was finished without complications in less than a month. Thomond RFC would recommend other clients to work with APWireless in the future.

Woodview, Limerick