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Cows vs. bots: Farms stand to lose cash from telecom masts

Europe’s agriculture industry fears income drop as new rules would reduce costs to put mobile masts on fields… Read More

Land providers in the context of the European Commission’s planned Gigabit Infrastructure Act

In February 2023, the European Commission published the draft Gigabit Infrastructure Act (GIA), a regulation designed to replace the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (BCRD) of 2014, with the aim… Read More

Changing landscape for rural telecom landlords

Eddie Joyce and Ronan Loughrey of APWireless provide 2021 market insights… Read more

A changing landscape for telecom landlords: APWireless Provides 2021 Market Insights

The advice to landlords from APWireless is, if asked by your tenant to amend your established lease terms, you must know exactly what these changes mean in real terms both from a commercial and legal perspective. Without due care and attention, you may be impacting the terms which you have previously accepted and enjoyed for many years. Read more

The Future of Telecoms Podcast

“We would always tell Telecoms landlords to take the time to know what’s in your lease, study carefully the commercial and legal detail, and make sure your solicitor is up to speed on the commercial considerations that we would advise due diligence on.”

Ronan Loughrey, Associate Director, and Eddie Joyce, Associate Vice President, were interviewed by Emmet Ryan, Connected Editor, in relation to the current Telecoms industry in Ireland and to explain further about who APWireless are and what we do. Tune in to our Future of Telecoms Podcast with The Business Post via the link below.

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APWireless targets new wave of investment

APWireless own a diverse global portfolio of telecom sites, ranging from rooftop sites in some of the world’s biggest cities, to purpose-built towers in suburban and rural areas…. Read more

EU secures funding to roll out free WiFi hotspots to public spaces

Funding has been secured by the European Union to introduce free WiFi hotspots to public spaces, which local authorities can apply for. The EU is making €120 million available fo… Read more

Three Ireland to spend €100m a year on new 5G network

Three Ireland plans to spend €100 million a year on the rollout of its 5G network as it prepares to go live with the new technology over the next 12 to 24 months, chief executive… Read more

BT Ireland director warns on national broadband plan

T Ireland’s managing director has cast doubt on whether the National Broadband Plan can be delivered with just one company left in the tender process, and if the project will rep… Read more

Declan Ganley’s Rivada wins contract to build New Hampshire network

Rivada Networks, a communications company owned by Galway businessman Declan Ganley, has achieved a major breakthrough in its attempts to wrest a slice of a huge US federal telecom… Read more

Three Ireland significantly reduces its losses to €2.5m

Mobile operator Three Ireland significantly narrowed its annual losses last year from €45 million to €2.5 million, according to its annual accounts. The company’s revenues we… Read more

Ericsson ‘regrets’ cuts as more than 100 of its Irish staff lose their jobs

Swedish tech and communications giant Ericsson has announced that it will cut over 100 staff across its Irish operations. The company said in a statement that it as part of its ‘… Read more

Major blow to State broadband scheme as Siro drops out

ESB and Vodafone joint venture Siro has dropped out of the Government’s National Broadband Plan (NBP), suggesting there was no longer a “business case” for its continued part… Read more

New digital corridor brings free Wi-Fi to Galway city centre

A collaboration between Magnet Networks and the thriving business community in Galway City has led to an exciting step in the city’s digital development. For more than a year, Ma… Read more

Going on holiday? Roaming charges are abolished from today

GOOD NEWS FOR holidaymakers travelling around the EU: roaming charges are being abolished as of today. From today onwards, the extra charges for sending texts or making phone calls… Read more

Five Winning Bidders in ComReg’s 3.6 GHz Band Spectrum Award

ComReg has today published the results of its 3.6 GHz spectrum award. The 3.6 GHz band has been identified by the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) as a primary band suitable for … Read more

Less than one month until abolition of EU mobile phone roaming charges

There is just under one month to go to the abolition of EU mobile phone roaming charges. On June 15 Irish people will be able to phone home from another EU State for the price of a… Read more

Telecoms industry ‘to lose up to €260bn’ in the next 10 years

Network operators will have to evolve into entertainment and enterprise IT businesses with a strong focus on creating and owning content to remain relevant, an industry event has h… Read more

Vodafone to invest €500m over next three years in Ireland

Vodafone Ireland plans to spend €500 million over the next three years across mobile, broadband, fibre to the home, network infrastructure and customer care systems. The commitme… Read more

Mobile and broadband blackspots can be tackled, says taskforce

A national map of the quality of mobile coverage offered by different phone operators is to be made available to consumers following a recommendation by the Government’s Mobile P… Read more

Three Ireland CTO David Hennessy on The Big Upgrade project

Three Ireland CTO David Hennessy states “We have a lot of duplicate assets and the necessity to consolidate those duplicate assets into something much much better“ as he explains The Big Upgrade project.

It’s not quite 5G, but Nokia just announced 4.9G is coming soon

Nokia has taken one step closer to 5G mobile networks with the creation of new technology that can deliver ultra-fast data speeds. The Finnish company, which manages mobile data ne… Read more

Three Ireland ordered to remove Dublin phone mast

An Bord Pleanála has ordered that 3 Ireland remove a phone mast in Dublin’s Glasnevin area despite warnings by the company this would cause major service disruptions for custome… Read more