Video Testimonials

“I would personally have no hesitation recommending them to other landlords who may not know as much about the telecoms sector as a possibility to consider when trying to maximise the benefit for them.”

Vivian Nathan - Roberts Nathan Business Advisors & Accountants

“It just might free up capital to go and invest in your own business which would generate further funds and you would have full control over those.”

David Morgan - Semple Stadium

"We knew exactly what we were going to do with the money and the plan worked out exactly as we thought!"

AV Smith - Ashtown, Dublin 15

"It has really helped us to secure our own activity, our own work, and it has also helped us to leverage funds from other sources, so we have now developed three new social enterprises using some of that capital.”

Diane Richmond - Partas Group

“I would recommend it. You know, in farming nowadays it's not easy to come by money like that so when you can, get the lump sum.”

Matthew Byrne - Ballynagran, co. Wicklow

“Very honorable company, very direct and I certainly would recommend that anyone that has an offer on their areas should consider it.”

Paul Gilmore - Spar Shop, Dublin 9