What we do?

As with any major decision, we feel it is critically important that you are well informed. Once you have decided to consider a mobile phone mast lease premium, the process is straightforward.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your lease agreement.

Note: APWireless is not currently looking for land to install mobile phone masts. We appreciate your interest and the opportunity to explore the potential of your suitable location for a mobile phone mast site. However, at this time we are only interested in inquiries from landlords who have existing mobile phone mast lease agreements.

What is a lease premium?

A mobile phone mast lease premium is an alternative form of receiving the rent payable under your mast lease agreement. It is simply a lump-sum payment given in exchange for the right to receive the site rent from the telecoms operator moving forward.

What is the lease premium process?

The lease premium process is quick and easy. We listen to your financial goals and needs and analyse the specifics of your mobile phone mast lease agreement in order to tailor a financial offer specifically for you. After reaching an agreement we can close the transaction quickly, and even after receiving the funds, we will maintain an ongoing relationship that you will continue to benefit from moving forward.