Who typically partners with APWireless?

The unique thing about telecoms infrastructure is the fact it is located on such a diverse range of property, in both rural and urban locations. When people discuss mobile phone coverage they tend to talk about ‘phone masts’ and picture them as being located on hilltop sites. This is natural, given purpose built masts tend to be the most visible part of the infrastructure. However in reality telecom networks are far more diverse. In towns and cities, telecoms antennae are typically located in more discrete locations, such as on rooftops of hotels, garages, offices, retail shops as well as on larger infrastructure such as water towers and floodlight poles. As a result, landlords from whom the mobile operators rent space to house their infrastructure, are equally as diverse.

Ronan Loughrey of APWireless talks about why he enjoys being part of the telecoms industry; “I talk with telecom landlords all day, everyday. One of my favourite parts to the role is the fact I get to speak with such a diverse range of landlords, involved in so many different industries. Typical examples include farmers, publicans and hoteliers, property developers, investment funds, sports clubs, multi-nationals, churches, charities, car dealers, as well as semi-state companies and local authorities.”

Experience has shown that landlords across all industries have benefited from partnering with APWireless. Eddie Joyce identifies; “the main difference between the landlords with whom we have partnered, is how those landlords choose to reinvest the upfront capital they receive. The decisive factor tends to be when a landlord sees an opportunity to put capital into a project or asset that is more meaningful to them and which outperform their telecoms lease”. Below is an illustration showing the diversity of APWireless’ clients in Ireland to date: